What are Some of the Steps You should Follow to Make Leather Tattoo Art

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When you are creating a leather tattoo art, be it for practice or making designs on an everyday leather item, you will need to have a tattoo gun to achieve your goals.  You can either buy it online, used ones or in the offline shops or you can make one of your own if you want to save some cash.  Besides, you will also need to have some ink to facilitate the process. Here are some of the steps that will leather you into making a leather tattoo art.

You should start by determining your design.  Normally, when you are a beginner you will start by drawing simple lines or copying some that have already been brought.  You can as well go online, download and print some designs and transport them in the piece of leather.  On the other hand, when you have your invention it is advisable that you bring it neatly on a piece of paper and use it as a template when you are tattooing leather art.  If you want more about exposure to the tattoo designs, it is advisable that you follow artists, groups or companies on social media platforms.

This should be followed by washing the surface of the leather with rubbing alcohol.  This is because it will help in removing oils, grease and also sterilizing it.  After putting your gloves on, you take a dampen cloth and use juice to wipe the surface of the leather. One way of ensuring that your tattoo has a beautiful finish is by using raw leather since it is always soft. For more facts about tattoos, visit this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/aaron-rodgers-jockstrap-tattoo_us_58f659f3e4b0bb9638e6f8a6.

Having done that, you should outline the design on the leather to make a tracing guide.  It can be done in two ways, one being drawing it using a pencil or you can use a stencil gel to transfer the design on the surface of the leather.

Apart from that, you should pad the leather to avoid staining and damage.  You find that when the tattoo gun passes all through especially when you are using thin leather, it can damage the work surface or the gun itself.  To avoid such damages, it is recommended that you put a layer of towel pad under the leather while working and two or three pieces are enough for the process.

The next thing to do will be tattooing your art Nakoa tattoo leather supplies since everything is in place.  It is also crucial that you wash your hands and the gun thoroughly by following the instructions provided before you set it up.  I understand that leather always doesn’t suffer like human beings, but it is essential that you don’t scatter the contaminants everywhere.


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